All About Wigs: From Fashion to Function All Under $40

I honestly think that my obsession with wigs happened alongside Kylie wearing a million different ones all over social media. Up until then, I had no idea they could look so real, and colorful without looking like a costume.

They’ve been worn by so many communities beforehand, and artists/singers etc., but for better or for worse, she took wigs mainstream for me. I watched her do a wig tour in 2015, and I never kept up with the Kardashians!

And the reason I used to always say I wanted a wig collection one day was because I have loved dying and changing my hair since elementary school.

Well, my reasons for wanting wigs is a little different now (thanks, alopecia) but am I ever leaning towards that collection I used to swear I would get one day.

I do get questions here and there about wigs, from people who want to mix up their looks, those going through chemo (or their loved ones), and from other fellow alopecian peeps! And while I am oh so be to the wig world, I am happy to try and help.

The Wig Questions

Do they all feel the same?
No! But I think this is something that varies more in Amazon buys than buying from a true wig boutique, you know? Of course, if you’re going to a pro, it’s going to be consistent and a much much higher level of quality.

What brand do you buy?
It varies (for now) but I have had great finds with HAIRCUBE and Esmee!

Where do you buy the wigs?
So far, Amazon – and I’ve linked them all below. Even two that I bought from a woman in Midland are from Amazon so I shared those links! If I invest (because that’s truly the word for it) in a higher quality piece, I really want to try Wigs By Tiffani as they are STUNNING!

What do you look for?
I’ve also realized that bangs are a must for me because of my hairline! Like yes, it’s disappearing a bit, but I have a widow’s peak and a very, very small forehead. Bangs make it SO much easier to make work – but I haven’t tried a lace front yet! Soon!

Are they expensive?
The ones that I own? Not at all, even though I know the definition of expensive varies. Each one is close to $30, which blows my mind. There are going to be some hit and misses for sure but I’ve been quite happy with them!

Are they breathable?
They totally feel like a wool hat. And I know that a higher quality one WILL feel different so that’s something to keep in mind, but for now they do not go very well with the summer heat.

These are just what was asked when I did a call-out on my Instagram, but if you have more questions about wigs please let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to answer!

All My Wigs…so far!

This is going to be a lot of selfies – you’ve been warned!

The Long Ashy Blonde

Ah my first love, and what a beauty she is. I bought her off a woman in Midland and everything about her is perfect! I’ve never had bouncy, thick hair and this certainly gives that dream hair look.

The Straight Ombre Brown


This one was love at first try-on, as Instagram knows. Rachel Green vibes, so silky and bouncy, and a great length. I think it might surpass the blonde ashy one and be my new favourite!

The Brown Headband 

Sorry this photo isn’t as bright as the others, darn storm. ANYWAY!

Have you ever heard of a headband wig? Sometimes called a ponytail wig or an active wig, they’re more about well, function. When a regular high-quality human hair wig is constructed, wefts of hair are sewn in creating a grid-like pattern with the wefts facing downward. A human hair pony wig is made with the same wefts of hair, but the wefts are facing upward. This allows the wearer to put their hair up into a high ponytail! They are of course, rightfully, pricy, so I picked this one up to see how I like the style!

The Short Blonde Ombre 
This one is a hit and miss. It photographs okay, but I don’t think I would wear it out in public! It’s too yellow, but is also a little too short in the back BUT now that I don’t have bio hair to cover, I might be able to make it work!

The Purple Lob
Okay – major Manic Pixie Dream Girl VIBES but we love her. Don’t think I would wear her to like, the office, but a concert? Out with friends? Yes. Actually, I’ve HAD this hair colour in an office so I guess that’s a go too! It’s truly an angled bob which is much easier to manage now that I have no bio hair to hide.

The Long Red

Red is one of my fave hair colours ever and I LOVE this one. The deep red isn’t quite as cartoony as a bright hue, and the straight style is so chic. I think it still needs a good dry shampoo to help with the synthetic sheen, but that’s manageable! Cannot wait to wear this one out, I think it will be so perfect in the fall.

The Brown Bob

This is my favourite short length – I love the wave it has, the color is a great shade of brown and I did have to thin out the bangs a bit but it was an easy adjustment to make!

Now…not all wigs have been wins! I’ve just only had one that didn’t exactly go as planned – bought in town from the same woman as well. It is nothing short of a disaster, and I’ll let the picture speak for itself.


Accessories for Wigs

Wig Stands 

Of course, taking care of the wigs is just as, if not, the most important part. Wig stands help them keep their shape and I ran out of room on a shelf (when I move back to Toronto, I have to keep in mind placement!) so I have ones that hang as well.

Wig Caps 

And wig caps – which I am still getting used to and don’t use as much now that I have shaved my head since all the wigs above have a cap built in as well. But if you have lots of hair to cover, they’re helpful!

So that’s it – for now! The clinical trial I am in goes for a bit longer, and once I see if the drug works for me (or not) I’ll start to investigate proper wigs but for now, these are so fun to style and wear.

(Links might be affiliate – I have no clue. I tried to set up an account with Amazing but it said denied so I am not sure – I know, I’m a horrible Influencer.)


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