Creating Your Perfect Wedding Day

Everyone loves a good wedding and it’s one of the most important days of your life, so they say. 

As soon as the sound of wedding bells start to jangle in your head, it’s all systems go! The first word that springs instantly into your head is –  planning.

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There’s so much to think about and to arrange that your thoughts can often spin wildly out of control. But, after the initial reaction of panic usually comes the calm phase where you sit down and begin to make all those necessary notes on which to base your planning arrangements.

Create a clear list for each aspect of the wedding, it helps you check things off snd stay focused (because there will be a lot going on, trust me).

The bride is usually involved in choosing that perfect wedding dress for her special occasion, and it’s also down to the bride to make that all important list with regards to her choice of bridesmaids too…no pressure.

Important Elements of the Wedding

  1. Caterers – Try to choose a caterer that is relatively close to home and preferably one that has been recommended to you through reliable sources. You will need to get the right food for everyone including dietary requirements and of course the most important thing – choosing the right cake!
  2. Wedding Flowers – Local florists as well as your local market can be the best choice as it does cut down on the cost dramatically. Look for the flowers that you love and what will enhance your outfit and style of your wedding.
  3. Wedding Cars – You need a great wedding car to get you to your destination on the big day. Do you want big and stylish or something more vintage and cute? The decision is yours but it’s something to ensure you have sorted early on as some car companies may get booked up way in advance for weddings.
  4. Invitations – Invitations will ultimately reflect the style of your wedding. What you send out should be fun, fresh and full of all the information they will need. It’s another thing to put on your to-do list and better to be sent as soon as you and your partner set the date. That way people can plan in advance for the big day. 

Thinking About Fashion! Bridesmaids Outfits

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The initial important factor is the choice of colour and whether to use patterned or plain material for the dresses – and you can have so much fun with it!

Plain colours often look more glamorous when delicate floral patterns run through the material but you may wish to spruce up the plain material with some special items of jewellery that will greatly enhance its appearance. The season will also dictate what type of material to choose such as heavier satin wear that will still look exquisite even if there’s a bit of a winter chill outside. There are many independent suppliers and businesses and you can search here to see more. 

Those specific accessories that may be needed to add that extra special touch such as, hair accessories or pieces of jewellery, will always look stunning.

It’s a day you’ll treasure forever, so make sure you look and feel amazing!






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