Dear you, My Opposite

Dear you,

When you weren’t my type but I fell for you I thought “opposites attract.”
When I reflected on our careers in different fields I thought “opposites attract.”
When I was worried that we didn’t have enough in common I thought “opposites attract.”

When we had dated for a year I thought we had proven that opposites attract.

But when I noticed we could no longer relate to each others’ days I realized the potential for opposites to drift apart.
When I considered that our opinions on family might be opposite I worried that we would drift apart.
When we started to see each other less and less I wondered if we were beginning to drift apart.
When I realized you’d rather spend all of your time with your friends I knew we had drifted apart.

Maybe some opposites play on each others’ strengths, put their differences aside, or just find common ground. Maybe the possibility of drifting apart makes them work harder to stay together.

However, I’ve learned that even though some opposites attract and some make it work, we both felt like we were drifting and needed to be apart for a while.

Maybe we are more similar than I thought.

Through the ups and the downs I hope you know that I will always be here for you, day or night. I hope we’ll figure out how to coexist in the best way for us, like the sun and the moon or even just some cold ice cream on a hot day.




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