Fall Favourites 2018: Beauty & Skincare

Hello friends and welcome back to the blog…can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately?

I know I’m cutting it close with chatting about fall faves when winter is basically here, but that’s okay, right? I’ve just had so many faves this season that it took a bit to narrow it down and I’m already thinking of winter ones, but we shall wait until the new year for those.

I’m going to tackle hair, skincare and makeup in this one so it is a little bit of a read…but worth it, I’m sure of it.

Without further ado, let’s chat favourites!

Hair Favourites

In my eyes (and in my hair) OGX Beauty can do no wrong. My fave part of this duo is the tingly feeling your scalp gets from the teatree and mint. It’s a great refresher for your scalp, and this brand is so great for those with sensitive skin and allergies. I’ll be trying their holiday collections soon and I’m so excited!

I’ve raved about the Kristin Ess hair line before, and this is the product I reach for so often that it’s time for a repurchase. I am horrible at doing my hair, so waves are my go-to and this makes them shiny instead of stiff and doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighted down either.

Thankfully this Conair Wand gives me a little hope when it comes to hair. The fact that it’s grooved gives the waves more of an imperfect feel, and I am so about that look. Heats up super quickly, and is so easy to use. Believe me, the whole ‘if I can use it, you can use it’ has never been so true.

Skin Favourites

For the record, I dislike roses. I have no idea why, but I always have. So it surprises me how in love I am with the Wild Rose line by Korres. I had the Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial and the Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil (which has actual rose petals in it!!!) so this foaming cleanser was a must to try. I keep it in the shower, and the scent is so light and lovely.

I am thankful everytime someone says I look like I’m glowing, but all cred goes to this toner from The Ordinary AKA Deciem. When I first started using it, I used it every other day at night BUT now I can use it daily! Keeps blemishes at bay, and it’s less than $10. Sold.

Another Korres fave! The Black Pine 3D Day Cream is anti-ageing and while I know I don’t need it (yet) it’s never too early to think ahead. But the real reason I LIVE for this is how rich and moisturizing it is, and it will certainly be a winter fave too!

Okay so this is skincare but makeup too? I use this serum from Flawless by Friday every night, during the day when I want a little shine, and I’m running through the tube way too fast. The honey scent is to die for and it’s just so light and perfect. Just buy this right now.

Makeup Favourites

This was my first stick foundation to try and it was nothing like I thought, in the best way. I have combo skin, and I’m shocked that a creamy stick can make me look glowy while keeping oil shine at bay. This PÜR find also benefits the skin too: skin-nourishing Energy Complex to help colour correct and brighten the appearance of uneven skin tone, retain hydration, reduce the look of pores and dullness and protect against environmental stressors, skin fatigue and signs of ageing.

If you think I’ll ever stop going on about these Cloud Paints, you are wrong. I gush about them to everyone who will listen and I assure you, you need these in your life. They blend and look like a dream, on foundation or bare skin!

And another Glossier fave! Lash Slick, be still my heart. I am blessed with lashes that are pretty great and this mascara makes me look like I have extensions but in a natural way. It doesn’t smudge, budge or anything. And it comes off with JUST water.

The Joli Rouge is a classic lippie from Clarins, it’s moisturizing and pigmented and honestly pretty timeless. It now comes in three finishes: the OG, velvet and brilliant. I love the shade rosewood and the brilliant and original formula are my faves!

And a little extra favourite because why not?

I had no idea what section to put this under so now will do. I have never owned a solid perfume but basically if Glossier creates it, I’ll be buying it. It’s called ‘You’ and it’s in a little metal compact that fits perfectly in your hand.

The three base notes:
– ambrette: comfy, warm
– ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
– musk: long-lasting, addictive
And a mix of top notes:
– iris root: earthy, green, woody
– pink pepper: spice, sparkling

It’s amazingly warm and personal for a perfume that can suit anyone.

Okay I think that’s it? For now? If you’ve read this long, you deserve a glass of wine my friend so cheers!

*Some of these products were given to me from PR but I still keep it real!



  1. January 17, 2019 / 10:58 am

    I love all of these! They are beautiful! Not only for fall but all the time. Stunning!

  2. January 17, 2019 / 2:38 pm

    I’ve heard quite a bit about OGX and Korres so I am looking forward to trying both of these brands soon. The Glossier cloud paints look so pretty!

    Jadirah Sarmad

  3. sonia pinette
    January 25, 2019 / 10:01 am

    I want to try The Joli Rouge is a classic lippie from Clarins, I need a good lipstick who is moisturising.

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