Getting Creative With Men’s Wedding Styles

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A lot of time goes into thinking about what to wear at a wedding, especially for the bride. The dress is a huge part of the overall experience and an essential component for making the big day feel special. Wedding dresses come in all styles and varieties to suit the person wearing it, and so an enormous amount of effort goes into picking the right one.

But when it comes to the men at the wedding, there’s less conversation about attire. And that’s a problem. The good news is that there are some incredible men’s wedding styles out there to enjoy which are hot right now in 2018.

Bright Jackets

Traditionally, the groom is supposed to wear either dark blue or black to the wedding – as are the groomsmen. But recently there’s been a change in attitude towards lighter jacket colors, and they’re becoming more popular. During the summer months especially, light grey, pastel blue and even cream-colored suit jackets are all the rage and create a light, and airy feel to a man’s appearance.

There are dozens of suits out there that fit the bill. Plus they allow men to mix and match colours. Blue chinos go exceptionally well with a stylish lavender jacket.

Checkered Suits

Checkered suits fell out of favour for a while. But they’re back in 2018, perhaps owing to their cheeky appeal.

Checkered suits can be worn with practically any accessory, including Italian silk ties, bespoke cuff links, trench coats, and bow ties. They’re also great for weddings in the off-season, outside of the summer months.

Warm tweed patterns help to create a different atmosphere for the wedding. If you’re going for something a little less formal than what tradition dictates, then checkered patterns have you covered. Waistcoats go particularly well with plaid suits, and so they are ideal if you not only want the men at your wedding to wrap up a bit warmer but look just as dapper as if they were in traditional garb.

Royal Blue

Colours pop in and out of fashion. And right now, royal blue is in vogue for weddings. The great thing about royal blue is that it can be paired with just about anything. The men at your wedding can wear it with tan shoes, pink, red and lilac flower pins, and even different coloured suit trousers.

You might think that royal blue would feel a bit stuffy at a young, modern wedding, but you’d be wrong. Royal blue is not the same as navy blue. It’s slightly off-blue and more elegant, allowing outfits to more easily blend with different styles and features. It’s a safe choice for themed weddings, thanks to its timeless look.

Black Tie

Black tie apparel is no longer reserved only for exclusive parties. It’s also being seen more and more often at weddings. Why? Because not only does it look smart, but it also gives men a slightly cheeky appearance. It’s clearly not work-related – let’s put it that way.

Black tie works if you’re the type of girl who wants to believe they’re being swept off their feet by a real superhero, whether that’s the reality or not.


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