How To Add Personal Touches To Your Wedding

Making your wedding reflect your relationship, and your shared interests, should be easy, right?

This is what most people believe, anyway, until they actually get down to the planning stage, and are overwhelmed with all of these things that look, well… really generic. Sure, the package wedding works for some people, and sticking with tradition may be something that you’re interested in doing. However, if you want to add your own personal touches, and make your big day truly your own, there are a few things that you can do!

Break traditions

When you think of weddings, you may automatically imagine those hours spent in the church, the kids falling asleep in their chairs, and the pastor reciting the wedding speech that you’ve heard a million times. If this all sounds very boring to you, don’t be afraid to change it up! The only thing that you have to do is actually sign the marriage certificate, and the rest is up to you. Do you want to have a small, intimate wedding instead of the big church one? Do whatever you would be most happy with!

Choose a unique theme

Another thing that you can do to put your own stamp on your wedding is to choose a theme that really defines you, and run with it throughout. Are you and your spouse-to-be both hippies, and could you reflect this in some details of your wedding, such as the flowers? You could use wildflowers instead, and have a boho wedding dress instead of some of the more traditional choices out there. Whatever it is that you both love, shape your wedding around the theme of that.

Get a great photographer 

Photo by Lili Durkin Photography

The days of the basic wedding photography are over, and in their place there are so many different types of photography that you can use. Have you always wanted to have some vintage film photos taken, alongside the normal digital ones? Or perhaps you want to put out some film cameras on the tables, so that your guests can all take their own pictures, and you can look at your wedding from different angles afterwards? You don’t always have to stick with the norm, so look for other options.

Look into different locations

Whilst your hometown may be where all of your friends and family are, most of them won’t be too concerned about travelling a little further to come to your wedding (unless you’re on the other side of the earth, perhaps). Is there a beach a few hours drive away, that you just love to visit together? Don’t think that your location has already been decided for you based upon where you live. You can add your own touch by having your wedding somewhere that you and your partner both love!

So, if you want to add your own touches to your wedding, try out these simple tips, and choose a unique theme, photographer and location for when you tie the knot. Throw traditions out of the window, and say hello to the day that reflects your relationship, and your personalities!


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