How To Find The Right Wedding Dress For You


Wedding dresses are wonderful things. However, they are intensely personal and significant things at that. Some women feel absolutely wonderful trying it on, and can’t wait to show themselves in the beautiful arrangement come their special day. Others find this process intensely nerve-wracking, and become more socially conscious than ever. However, no matter where on the spectrum you fall, you are always deserving of looking and feeling wonderful on your wedding day. Of course, you’re not by law required to wear a wedding dress, you could get married in your pyjamas if you were so inclined.

However, this mini-guide will assume that wedding dresses are important to you. To know what to look for can often inform your understanding during this entire process. Consider the following:



You’ll never know if the dress is correct if you aren’t happy with the preliminary fittings. This means that you get to try the dress on multiple times. It might be a simple fitting that you can simply do with pegs, such as pushing in or pinching certain aspects of the dress to fit to your physique. You should also consider exactly how it falls on your frame. Certain dresses might look gorgeous around your waistline, but it could look blocky and bulky on your shoulders. With these non-intrusive fittings you’ll get a good idea of how the dress will respond to being tailored for you. Often, if you have a relatively normal frame, they can be adapted to you well. For more specialist requirements you will need to explicitly ask for custom made dresses, or potentially be referred to a tailor able to adapt to your requirements.


The Train

Not every bride wants an incredibly long train. This might seem romantic and beautiful to have, but it can also be a very, very intensely inconvenient thing to wear. Of course, if this is something you desire, you should be encouraged to do so, as they can look beautiful and host beautiful patterns to make people in the audience weep with joy. However, if you’re simply hoping for a relaxed wedding, you might cut the train to only a few feet, or neglect to have one at all. You will need to employ the use of your bridesmaids to help you with this dress as you walk to the altar. In the absence of an altar, you might consider:


The Venue

The dress is not a dress in itself. It’s also somewhat of a vehicle, something that has specific space requirements. A massive dress with a huge outreach and a fifteen-foot-long train can look wonderful, but if getting your vows confirmed in a simple registry office, it’s probably overkill. However, this might look particularly perfect in a cathedral. But what if you hope to marry on a beach? Then a train isn’t recommended in the slightest. There will be a dress for every woman, but also for every venue. That means that they will both have to compromise with one another. Is it worth changing venues to wear that dress you have fallen in love with? Or is the opposite perhaps more your way of thinking? At any rate, be sure to speak to the bridal store about your requirements, as they should have wedding dresses to fill your every need.


Investing in a wedding dress is one of the main priorities of a wedding. This usually overtakes the cake, catering and even a band or photographer. It’s likely the most expensive garment in the entire event. Of course, it depends on your personality as to how much stock you place in this. But, if this is important to you, then compromise with whoever is controlling the wedding budget to splash out on your dress. This will give you options in how you wear it, and help you adapt to new styles if you feel they would be necessary.

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People often think that wedding dresses are simply a nice garment, but that you’d never want to wear it outside of a wedding. Maybe so, but that shouldn’t mean you have to suffer to wear the garment during the most important day of your life. It’s essential for you to understand that wedding dresses can be comfortable, in fact, most good ones are. The sign of a bad or cheap wedding dress is an overemphasis on weight, feeling tight around the midsection, or restricting movement. You deserve comfort while looking the best you ever have. This is not wearing heels  at the bar. This is your wedding day. With this as a priority you can be sure to actually care about the experience of your wedding, not just the way in which you look.

With these simple tips and considerations, you are sure to find the right wedding dress for you.


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