Ideas For Choosing Your Bridesmaids

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Choosing a husband was easier than picking a bridesmaid.

Not to toot your horn, but the number of candidates is pretty long thanks to a life of being the best. Whoops – guess that was a little self-indulgent. Still, you can’t argue with the truth and the facts are there are dozens of woman lining up to be involved and only three or four spots.

How do you choose? How do you pick between your best friends? How do you let them down without hurting their feelings?

To find out the answers to the questions above and more, carry on reading.

Play A Game

Fans of Friends will remember how Phoebe helps Joey decide which route to take to Vegas. Brides can use the same logic by letting their subconscious make the decision. All you need is someone to ask a couple of quick-fire questions, a person who won’t be offended if their name doesn’t burst off your tongue. The trick is to answer them without hesitation so that the first answer which pops into your head comes out. And, hey presto, you’ve got your bridesmaid. Make sure the initial questions aren’t wedding-related to get you into the flow of the game.


Remember Wedding Politics

Like your career, your wedding is full of politics which need addressing. For the most part, it’s the worst bit of organizing the big day because it’s full of hassle and stress. And, you usually have to say yes to stuff you want to scream no to. The good news is wedding politics can help you pick a bridesmaid. Does your hubby-to-be have a sister? If so, she’ll probably have to part of the train walking down the aisle, especially if she included you on her big day. Don’t upset the family for the foreseeable future by leaving out your sister-in-law.



Ditch The Status Quo

Unless the band The Status Quo is going to be playing at the wedding, there is no need to worry about towing the party line. You’re the bride and it’s your day so you and your partner are in control. If that means having one or two more bridesmaids than groomsmen, then such is life. To be honest, you might start a thing which ends up in a wedding trends guide for future brides-to-be. Tradition is nice yet it shouldn’t dictate how many of your loved ones stand next to you at the aisle.

Mix Jobs

Typically, your BFF will take care of everything from the bachelorette party to helping you pick a dress, but it comes at a cost. According to Vogue, it’s $1,600 on average. For friends who are in financial trouble, this might be too much to ask of them. You can give them the option to turn down the role, or you can come up with a joint position. Having another chief bridesmaid takes the pressure of her and lets her pick and choose which parts she can afford.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe – do you know who will be your bridesmaids now?


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