Let’s talk about stress, baby

Let it be known I, as a rule, don’t get stressed. 

Well I do but I stay in denial of it. My thinking is stress does no good so why bother? Or I stress over things I can’t change so there’s no point in that either. I don’t do stress. Until this school year, this semester specifically. And it hit me (or rather I hit it) like a wall. Sure talking it out helps but who likes to listen to people complain anyway? So blogging, blogging helps. 

(This is not going to be a useful post for others I feel, unless you want to feel like you’re not the only one stressed out then I’ve got you covered.) 

College has been, for the most part, a smooth ride. A little stress here and there but nothing compared to the university I’ve done. But this semester is kicking my ass. I’m in magazine, we do two publications and I’m an editor and a writer on each, and then we also have an online news site where I’m one of the two Editor in Chiefs. It’s class every day of the week, with unknown hours and not much planning to be had. I mean you can have a plan but it’s journalism, things don’t always go to plan. 

What I’m doing: Luckily one magazine has just about wrapped up so I can focus on the second publication, and the online news class. I’m on countdown mode until the end though, and I’m sure it will fly by. 

The great apartment search of 2016, and what a search it was! I went from living alone downtown to Toronto, to with a friend, to with a sister and a friend and now just my sister. The search fell largely on me, and with that came (my first) panic attacks and missing school and a few online scams. I was juggling school, a job search and apartment viewings and it was insane, plus way too much for me to handle on my own. What happened was we lost out on the three bedroom but a two bedroom was available as long as we signed within a few days, so my sister and I jumped on it. I still don’t regret this only because the amount of stress that disappeared when I signed that lease was amazing, and the apartment? Super cute.

What I’m doing: This stress is over, besides the somewhat fun stress of finding furniture and decorating. I know I made the right choice for what I needed, and that living with just my sister is going to be amusing to say the least. 

The thing about graduation that worries me is the uncertainty. It is so bizarre to me that I won’t be returning to any school in the fall, and I’m not sure how I’ll handle it. I started applying for part-time blogs across the board, I’ve nailed down a freelance with a blog in Vancouver and I’m going to be managing the social media of a designer in the city as well. On top of that the blog I’ve been writing for for months is going to be taking me on and paying me, never a bad thing. None of them are really the typical ‘adult’ job, and that stresses me out mostly because it stresses my parents out. But a job is a job, right?

What I’m doing: While I’m still applying for jobs off and on, I will admit my focus is more on school. This is mainly because I know that I will have some sort of income come May. It’s certainly still a stress but it’s lower on the scale now. 

This was the first year I experienced a relationship and honestly I still don’t know what it was. We were in that grey area of not exactly dating for half a year, and I grew attached…understandably so. It was great, he was great, and then it ended out of nowhere and took me down a few pegs. Naturally this happened at the peak of the stress in the semester, I think that’s always the way it happens. Right now I’m doing the whole “I need to focus on me” deal but it’s incredibly boring. It doesn’t help the prospective gents that I do have the wedding crazy thing going for me, I can’t help that though! 

What I’m doing: I’m not opposed to anything at the moment but I don’t have time to do anything serious which comes with a new list of pros and cons. Come summer time I want to be wine and dined…at least that’s the feeling right now. 

I think that covers everything, for now. My issue is that I do let things pile up and then I don’t know how to handle them. Add that to my inability to say no to extra tasks and I’ve got myself some trouble. 

What I’m trying to figure out next is what to do to help handle the stress. The gym isn’t sticking, which is an excuse but after spending all day at school I just want to go home! I think this week I might venture to the spa and get a massage, largely because I’ve also never been to one and that seems like a good solo adventure. 

If you have any tips to help with stress, send them my way!


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