Lifestyle Design: What it is, and Where to Start

Designing the life you want might seem like a bit of a strange thing to aim for. After all, what does it even mean? It’s not solely about finding your purpose; sometimes it is about creating a purpose for yourself.


You might’ve heard the term ‘lifestyle design’ floating around on a few business blogs, in summary, it is you taking a long look at everything you do and everything you are now and picking what stays and what goes.


How does this relate to business you might wonder? Well, many people have a dream to run their own empire – but actually, it’s not a grand as all that. It is often to be able to be around for the kids and spend more time doing the things you love.


Realizing that you don’t have to follow the footsteps of your family or friends, what was and is right for them might not suit you. So just because they have had the same job for the last 40 years doesn’t mean you need to.


You have choices, and you can make changes, you can try new things – it’s all open. Here are some questions you can use to help you figure out what you might like to do.


  • What makes you happy?
  • What do you love the most in your business or about your business idea?
  • In your spare time, do you do the things you want to or the things you need to?
  • What type of impression do you like to leave people with?
  • If you could be anywhere, doing anything right now what would it be?


Just a couple of food for thought questions. Often it can be things like finance that hold people back from doing the things they love in life, always worrying about money, or having bad credit might mean that you can’t get your small business off the ground. That is when somewhere like can come to the rescue. Giving you a bit of freedom to get your dreams off the ground.


When you start thinking about lifestyle designing, you might find yourself questioning all sorts of things about your life but try to stick to the following elements:


  • Are you happy in your work or in your business?
  • What makes you happy outside of work/business?
  • Can you combine them and balance them into a lifestyle?


When you start to undertake the task of creating another version of your life, there is something vital that you must remember at all times. You are in control. You should try and quash any feelings of self-doubt when it comes to building your life, not everyone walks the same path so surround yourself with supportive people who can see that what you are doing will have a long-term benefit for you. Embrace the changes that you hope to make, and start to build them into your life, and when you do so, slide something out of your life that you no longer want.  Just start making things happen, and you’ll be surprised how much good stuff can come from that.


(Pssst, this is a collab post but I’m still keeping it real!)


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