Laughs & Lingerie with WACOAL

I love lingerie. What I don’t love is passing through rack after rack of lingerie that would never ever fit a woman who lives outside of the straight-sized world.

See plus size clothes in general tend to take on a different look than the ‘average’ clothing line…and that means looking a little boring. Thankfully this has started to change with more stores opening up their size ranges but my goodness it’s taking a long time.

And lingerie tends to be the worst of all.

We’re stuck with cotton and neutral colours. Maybe some satin and lace overlay if we’re lucky.

But every now and then a brand blesses us with the same style straight across the board from the As to the DDs! Enter: WACOAL. I was able to attend a preview fashion show of theirs and was ecstatic to find out they carried my size, a few larger too! And I even found out, with the help of their fitting specialist at The Bay, that I was wearing mostly the right size. a 40DD or 42D, but depends on the style.

Vicki, from Handmade Jungle, and I picked our fave bra and set out to do a shoot to show off our perfect fits… complete with a DIY robe of course.

I picked a gorgeous black bra that’s slightly sheer, has an underwire but no lining and is so damn sexy. But comfortable too! Such a rare combo, I think for any size of bra.

I love love LOVE the off-white flowers. The colour contrast pops on my pale as a ghost skin, never a bad thing. And it looks so darn good with the robe I (okay I sewed some bits but Vicki guided me) made. There’s matching underwear as well, but they don’t carry plus sizes in store, just online. Which is great but I had no idea if the style would be something I liked so I decided against ordering them.

I tried my best to look seductive but we all know I’m one moment away from pure laughter always, lipstick on the teeth and all.

Speaking of the lipstick, we can chat about the beauty products I used! I added a dark lip last minute because the nude wasn’t showing up in the sunset lighting, but the real stars of the show were a dup from Stila that you’ve seen in a few selfies if you’ve been paying attention.

On my eyes is the Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Carefree. It blends beautifully, doesn’t crease and you can build up the pigmentation. You can go for a subtle shimmer by biffing (is that the word?) it out but lay it on thick and it’s opaque and stunning.

And that glow…okay. Sure some of it is the fact I’m wearing a BB Cream, a hero for dry skin, but the Heaven’s Hue Highlighters are well heaven. I have the shade Magnificence, which also acts as a blush on me too. And my sister, who steals it basically every single day.

And, because I know you’re wondering, it actually is comfortable. So it’s a nice bra to have on, even though it’s sexy enough looking that it’s meant to be taken off. I think that might be the most scandalous line I’ve ever written…but I stand by it!

Make sure you pop over to the DIY Robe Tutorial if you want to make yourself a Kimona, it’s so perfect for the summer too.




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    Beautiful! Hopefully next steps include expanding available sizes beyond DD.

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