Bridesmaid Gift | MIYU Beauty + Review

I spent way too long trying to decide where to sort this post into, because it truly could be both wedding and beauty. But I went with wedding because I think these would make the cutest bridesmaid gifts!! Or be an awesome touch for when you ask a bestie to join your bride tribe! Anyway, know that I struggled with this, however strange that might seem. 

So this post will basically be inspo for those planning wedding things, and a review for those curious about the brand! 

I stumbled opon MIYU Beauty because of Instagram, and I am so glad I did. You can tell from just one picture that their products are absolutely gorgeous, but what’s inside is even better.

But first, a little bit about MIYU.


Inspired by the Eastern philosophy that ‘beautiful skin starts from within’, MIYU’s natural teas + skincare marry 3000 years of ancient Chinese beauty wisdom, modern Asian beauty rituals and leading-edge science to unveil one’s inner glow. 

I am so here for the ‘beautiful skin starts from within!’ It makes perfect sense, and I think it goes beyond the skin too – you can’t expect your body to be doing awesome all the time if you’re treating it not so well, that’s just silly. So the idea of starting skincare on the inside is something everyone should consider! 

While MIYU has a collection of gorgeous things I shall chat about the Prettea Little Tea Quartet and the MIYU Wedding Favours! 

The Prettea Little Tea Quartet is perfect for those wanting to test the brand out, or perfect as a gift. 

The darling little package contains: 
•    1 – hydrate mi beauty essence, 15 ml
•    1 – de-stress mi beauty essence, 15 ml
•    2 sachets of hydrate mi beauty tea
•    2 sachets of de-stress mi beauty tea

Almost like a travel-sized package of treats to get your skin in the best condition! 

The beauty essences are serum mists and are little gifts sent from the beauty gods, I kid you not. 

Going by the order in which you’re supposed to use them, we first have the calming peppermint de-stress mi:  concentrated healing treatment of detoxifying botanicals which repair, revitalize and calm inflammation + redness. Aka everything I need, daily. 

And then there’s the hydrating rose hydrate mi:  a powerful, concentrated treatment of age-defying botanicals which hydrate, smooth, and lock in moisture. A saviour if you don’t drink enough water (me) or have dry skin (me). 

And then there’s the teas! 

Two types, of course to pair with the beauty essences, both tasty and good for you (and your glowing skin). 

The De-Stress Mi Beauty Tea is a caffeine-free detoxification: “this fresh and earthy premium loose leaf tea blend is made of peppermint, Chinese liquorice, and chamomile blossoms.” Peppermint tea is my fave tea, so this one is my fave of the two, if I had to choose. 

The Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea is list and fruity and is so, so good iced!This tea is: “age-defying, caffeine-free hydration, and is made of green rooibos, goji berries, rose petals and sweet notes of pear.”

They work best when paired with the essences, which is why I think this set is so perfect as a gift! 

Now the wedding favours are so cute nd have a little DIY in them! The triangle…boxes? That sounds so strange to describe a box that isn’t a cube…anyway, you can fold them yourself and each one will have two sachets of the Beauty Tea! 

You can even choose the ribbon to match your wedding theme, which I know is very important for some brides! 

Overall, I’m very impressed with everything from this brand from the thought they put into the packaging (even their website is stunning) to the ingredients in their products. 

I love the De-Stress combo the best, which probably says a lot about how I’m feeling lately! 



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