Montecito Restaurant Wedding Preview


Photos provided by Richard Emmanuel Photography

A few weekends ago, Vicki of Handmade Jungle and I set off to my (well, our) first wedding show of 2018!

I got to a lot of wedding shows. I would venture to say I go to more than an actually engaged person. And here’s what I’ve decided: smaller is better. I always find the vendors to be more personal, it’s as if they’re more focused on you than on booking couples and making money. Which is exactly how it should be!

Now as a blogger, I usually get a negative reaction when I reveal that I’m essentially media and not looking to book. But at smaller shows, the vendors are usually excited to meet me and express interest in working together – which I love!

Anyway, getting back on track…Vicki and I hit up the wedding preview at downtown Toronto restaurant Monecito Restaurant and I was so excited because I love smaller venues! Not to say this space can’t host a lot of people, but unique venues downtown are hidden gems to me.

This restaurant can handle your wedding, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners and next day brunch. Which, by the way, sounds genius. We all know I’m a newbie to brunch (I’ve only been once!) but that sounds so yummy!

The way that Montecito uses their space is truly impressive, I had no idea it was as big as it is from the street and was happily surprised. As with most venues they do have their preferred vendors who we got to see in action. 


Amber of Cool, Green and Shady for the florals – which are always my fave part of checking out anything wedding related. They dd a few different vibes and I thought that was a great way of showing their diversity!

They also have an AV technician, Preceptive Listening, and live entertainment through Symmetry Studios (they played some Ed Sheeran and I swooned).

The food and drinks are made in house and customizable for your tastes. The sample reception menu looked yummy, and I found the prices reasonable (compared to endless other vendors I’ve seen). They ranged from $65/person to $110/per person. I could only try a few things (allergy problems, not that they knew) but Vicki enjoyed the canapés!

The drinks though, those I loved. A pomegranate spritzer and a blood orange gin & tonic. Delish!

The venue itself has two dedicated spaces: The Director’s Lounge which is 80 standing and 30 seated, and The Mezzanine Dining Room which has standing room for 80 as well, and 70 seated. Of course, they have info on their site and you’re able to fill out a form to get some info in a PDF!

I, being the ever responsible blogger, did not bring my DSLR so my photos didn’t do the space and show justice. But luckily the photographer at the show, Richard Emmanuel, has some shots of the show that were sent to me!

I did snap a few photos, but none as impressive! I also still haven’t figured out how to juggle my phone and a drink at the same time. Like if you know what’s up, you should tweet me and let me in on your secrets!

I really enjoyed seeing a peek inside local bridal store LoversLand – which I 100% want to visit! They have gorgeous robes, trinkets, cards and dresses.

Overall, it was such a good way to start off the 2018 wedding scene and I hope to go back and try their brunch one day!

Obvi we had to try the photo booth – this one made a gif!

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