My Clarins: A Younger Take on a Classic Brand



I love Clarins an immeasurable amount, it would be pretty hard for them to do any wrong in my books. From their makeup to their skincare, and their always fun events, I’m a sucker. That being said, a lot of it is tailored for an older audience! Which is totally fine, but of course I can’t relate to the anti-aging skincare. Yet, anyway.

When I got the invite for this event, I was hooked before I even knew the products. It was very secretive, involved a secret decoder and you could just tell it was targeted to millennials. I was curious, excited, and ready to see their latest creation.

So What’s New?

And here it is: My Clarins. Made especially for us younger folk, and here to help us stay glowing. I kinda like that it’s meant to just help keep our skin looking natural and radiant — there’s no wild promises or anything, it is what it is.

This is what Clarins had to say about the My Clarins collection: The perfect balance of fruit and plant extracts for healthy-looking skin. Ingredients of natural origin and lots of love. Simple recipes to give your skin what’s good and remove what’s bad. Vegan-friendly formulas free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. Textures, scents, sensations – everything your skin will love! Results you can trust. Packaging that puts recycling and recycled materials first.

Into it.

What I’ve Been Trying


Okay, first I want to add that while I love the packaging, I don’t get why the extra plastic wrap was needed. Kind of goes against the message here. But anyway, onto the product. The Re-Boost Refreshing Hydrating Cream. 

Available for a few different skin concerns which I think is cool, like you could get the mattifying one if that’s your jam but we know I love the glow.

The gel moisturizer is super lightweight (super super) and sinks into your skin quite nicely. I couldn’t use it at first because my skin was SO dry I needed a heavy cream, but as the weather has gotten less dry and warmer I’m loving it.


Not sure why, but I am in love with face mists lately. Can’t get enough of them! So I was really excited they included one in this launch. I think it’s the ease of them like you can be as lazy as me and STILL soak in the benefits. Like I keep a spray in my desk, by my bed, I’m obsessed. Love it.

The Re-Fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist does just that, gives you a boost whenever you need it for a little dose of radiance. I love a spray in the morning to wake me up as I get my morning started.


I was stoked about this cleanser because SO many have sulfates these days and I’m allergic!

The Re-Move Purifying Cleansing Gel doesn’t drying your skin out, bless, and does a good job of removing makeup! I haven’t been wearing anything too heavy these days so I can’t speak on that but it takes my light makeup off easy peasy.


Night masks of any kind, amazing. My skin loves them. And I’m fairly certain I wake up glowing but that could just be me squinting and think that’s what’s happening.

The Re-Charge Relaxing Sleep Mask is super light, which I like in a night cream. Like I want it to pack a punch but now leave my skin feeling heavy, you know?

What do I recommend?


I think it’s important to mention that everything falls under $30, and to me, that’s awesome for that Clarins quality. I have enjoyed everything I’ve tried, and like that you can switch to a slightly different product depending on your skin type.

My recos are the night mask and the beauty mist, just can’t resist that one.

Let me know if anything catches your eye, or if you’ve tried anything from My Clarins!

All products were gifted, but I keep it real as always. 


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