Rare Beauty: What I Loved and Returned + Swatches

This year, I have been resisting all the new beauty launches. And then Rare Beauty happened. I’m not even a huge Selena fan or anything, but the branding and packaging hooked me and the mental health initiative sold me.

I went down a rabbit hole of reviews on YouTube, and everyone was LOVING this new line! Seriously, it was hard to find anything but amazing reviews of anything Rare Beauty and so I turned to Reddit. People were in loooooove.

And still, I resisted.

But then my sister got me the lip balm and blush for my birthday and the (borderline) obsession started all over-again. A few days later (and accompanied by some cannabis) the entire line was added to my Sephora cart and on its way. I can’t even remember the last time I was this excited about a brand and maybe that was where the problem began, with my expectations being way too high.


Rare Beauty full-face with lip balm.

What I loved…

As I mentioned, love the packaging and branding. Feels extremely luxe, and they had sustainability in mind. There is a rumour floating around that the packaging is also accessible (easier to open for those with dexterity issues) but I haven’t actual been able to fully fact check that.

I do, of course, love the steps that Rare Beauty is taking to help lessen the mental health stigma as well as make a financial  impact – but I am unsure how it works with Sephora Canada purchases. I did reach out, and will update the post if I ever get clarification! Edit: I heard back from the Rare Beauty team and confirmed that ALL sales are included in this, even through Sephora. 

The price point to me is not horrible, and fall into a middle area for me. Above drugstore finds, but still not extremely high-priced. So let’s dive in!

rare_beauty_lip_balmWith Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm
My first intro to the brand, my sister bought me the shade Praise – which is a light coral/peachy colour. It’s buildable, comfy, and pretty much mistake proof. The packaging is sturdy so you can throw it in a bag without worry AND I would buy myself one, I’m a fan.

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush
I fell in love with liquid blushes when I discovered Glossier’s Cloud Paints  and I STILL think liquid blushes are the best way to go. Jess grabbed me the shade rare_beauty_liquid_blushGrace, a bright rosy mauve, and it’s in the matte formula. You all KNOW I love a glow, so I would love to try the dewy formula down the road. It will be a while before I do because holy guacamole the pigmentation in these bottles!!!! Wild! You just need the most tiny dot and it blends like a dream. This might be the one I tell you to try above all others, it’s amazing.

Positive Light Liquid Luminizer
Speaking of glow, I’m always most excited about a line’s highlight and Rare Beauty was no different. The reviews I watched pointed out that it was more of a ‘lit from within’ glow than anything dramatic and I am so onboard with that. There’s a time and place to have your highlighter be seen from outer space, but I haven’t been in the mood for that lately. It’s buildable, though, if you want more of a noticeable shine. I picked up the shade Enchant which is such a dreamy pale pink, and I think the bronzed shades would be amazing for summer. This also has the same doe applicator as the blush – and a little dab is all you need.rare_beauty_luminizer

Brow Harmony Pencil and Gel
I kind of hate that I love this duo so much because I know I can find something much cheaper at Shoppers. I do. But my gosh my brows look so AMAZING with this stuff that I could not bare to return it! One end is a (super pigmented) triangle pencil and one end is a matching gel. Perfect for on the go, whenever I end up on the go one day. It’s waterproof, doesn’t smudge, and you can build up the colour. Huge fan.


Rare Beauty full-face with liquid lipstick.

Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream
I couldn’t not pick up the red shade they have, called Inspire. It is more of an orange red than my usual blue reds, but I don’t mind. The formula is a dream and manages to stay super comfortable and lightweight. Kind of blurs the lips too, if that makes sense. It does transfer, but I’ve never been one to hate having to reapply. I also love that you can have it as almost a tint AND build it up to be pure matte. Really, really love the formula in this lippie!

rare_beauty_blot_and_glowBlot & Glow Touch-Up Kit
I did not need this. I bought it because it’s cute as hell and I love the mirror and the fact that you can refill it. That being said, I do know I’ll be using it at future hot events (summer weddings, anyone?) for touch-ups on the go. The linen-blend blotting sheets will be great for anyone with oily skin but it was the universal pre-filled powder puff that caught my attention more as it contains a radiant, talc-free powder for a soft blurring effect that never looks flat—and won’t flash back. Pretty nifty, and great for photos.


Tattooed arm swatches might be my new favourite! I also have a ton of selfies floating around on Instagram too.


As for what I returned…

I was most excited for the foundation and concealer. They looked SO good on everyone and I love a glowy foundation that makes you look radiant but not too oily. I love the packaging and applicators for both and could not wait to try. The excitement quickly went downhill though…

Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation & Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer

The shade? Perfect. Was it weightless? Yes! But that’s about all the good things I have to say. It made my skin look absolutely horrible – cakey, patches, settling into pores I didn’t even know I had! I tried it with a few different creams and primers. I tried with both the Rare Beauty brush and a damp sponge. Sometimes it pilled, sometimes it lifted, but it always looked like a mess. I held out hope for two weeks! But nothing worked. This is the first time I’ve ever returned makeup as honestly, my skin is pretty easy to work with.

The concealer creased like no tomorrow, which rarely happens to me. I baked it, set it, and nothing could help. It was so disappointing, I’ve never had a concealer just not work at all.

The Brushes
Honestly, loved the brushes. I kind of regret bringing them back. They were soft and lovely but the products were so bad I couldn’t get past needing them when I don’t have another concealer or foundation in rotation. I will also say that between them and my Quo ones, there’s hardly a difference.

So there ewe have it – it wasn’t all a total loss and the brand still has a HUGE following with lots of amazing reviews. This just wasn’t a total win for me, but I’m excited to see what they launch in the future.

Let me know if you pick up anything!



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