Saje Natural Wellness: The Brand That Can’t Do Me Wrong

Let is be known that I once thought essential oils were a load of BS. And that I refused to venture into any Saje location basically just because I’m stubborn. And I wish I could tell you what made me change my mind, but suddenly I was a Saje diehard and I don’t think that will ever change.

(Note: As I was writing this I remembered my first Saje encounter! It was was when I was visiting my former work’s London office and was hit with a massive headache. My co-worker Nicole gave me Peppermint Halo to try and I was sold!)

See, I’ve tried quite a few different brands of blends. And I tried a diffuser from Amazon. I loved both, and I was content…and then I was given a bunch of Saje goodies from the Scarborough Town Centre location and wow, I’ve been missing out.

I am quickly on my way to owning the store, and I am mind-blown with the differences that the products have made in my life from sleeping to skincare.

The Roll-Ons


Not pictured? My beloved Peppermint Halo that I keep on my desk at work, as part of my headache kit.

This little trio from Saje travels with me, although sometimes I switch them out with other roll-ons that I own. They’re easy to pack, easy to use, and I love how many different types there are. I also realized (like, last week) that the end that doesn’t have the ball opens up and is a dropper! Totally missed that memo.

Eater’s Digest is key for me because of the whole stomach issue that stems from restaurants, but any of the calming ones are key for my restless mind.

Gifting wise, I think these are perfect. They’re a great intro to the brand, there’s a ton of sets AND you don’t have to worry about if the person owns a diffuser or not. Plus, they last a wicked long time…even if you’re using them daily!

My Favourite Collection

I swear my nails looked better than this buy anyway, let’s focus here.

The Sleep Well collection is hands down the most effective Saje collection for me. I started with the pillow spray, a cult fave, and have now graduated to having the roll-on, oil to diffuse AND body butter.

The collection helps you fall asleep but more importantly, it keeps you asleep. I find that when I use the trio (body butter, mist and roll-on) that I wake up less throughout the night.

These are the key ingredients:

Now, something I find straight-up fascinating is that valerian can cause more vivid dreams (100% has this effect on me, although I lucid dream 90% of the time) and if you’re prone to unpleasant dreams (also me) it can cause nightmares. This is the only reason I’ll take a break now and then, because yes I’m 28 and sometimes away for a couple of hours on and off throughout the night because of my nightmares. Bizarre, I know.

The mist I find goes quickly, no fault of anyone buy mine, and I do wish it came in a…value size? Basically I just need an extra-large one.

The Blends

I knew about the blends before I knew about anything else.

I mean, you walk by a Saje and you’re basically walking through a diffused cloud…am I right?

When it comes to these little guys, I do a heavy rotation. Liquid Sunshine makes more appearances than most because I like the idea of my room being a cheerful place.

Unlike other brands I’ve used, a little goes a LONG way and the diffuser itself makes a HUGE difference.

Besides being a cute bedside staple, the Aroma Om diffuser is no joke. Here are the benefits that Saje lists for it:

  • Purifies and humidifies while infusing your air with the healing power of plants
  • Releases negative ions to reduce dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens (like dust mite matter)
  • Refreshes the air in your space using 100% natural essential oil blends
  • Preserves the full integrity and properties of your essential oil blends using a heat-free system
  • Gives your atmosphere the same refreshing feeling as standing near a waterfall

And please believe me when I say it is worth investing in one of these over a cheaper version. Believe me, I own both and Saje is sure as heck not paying me to say this!

The Skincare

Naturally, I can’t leave a store without investigating the skin-related items. I just love skincare, forever.

I had previously picked up the sponge (replaced a washcloth on my routine) and the lash and nail salve (I am OBSESSED and it takes off waterproof anything, plus keeps those lashes moisturized so they grow!) but the mask and roller were on my wish list so I was extra excited to receive them!

The clear quartz roller just makes applying my serums more fun but also relaxing and the coolness I’m sure benefits the skin but that mask. It’s become an all-time fave.

Because of this trio of ingredients, it manages to help my skin stay clear WITHOUT drying it out and getting rid of my glow. And we all know that the glow is something that I simply can’t live without.

I’d love to hear your Saje faves if you have any — and I hope you do. I can’t help but rave about products that are worth the hype, and I truly believe that Saje is! As I’m finishing this, I’m rolling Sleep Well onto the soles of my feet (it’s a thing I swear) and I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks about the brand, even though I know I’m delayed on this new-found love.



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