Seafood Dining at Toronto’s lbs.

I love me some seafood but honestly, the closest I get to seafood regularly is sushi. And there’s nothing wrong with that (sushi is my one true love) but it’s not fancy or anything.


the birthday girl


But when it comes to Toronto dining I get a little bit…overwhelmed, to say the least. So when a PR firm gifted me a gift card to use at a pretty fancy seafood restaurant downtown, I was eager to go!

lbs. is a seafood wine bar, located in the financial district downtown. I’ve walked by it a bunch of times and had still never heard of it! Their mission, as a restaurant, is to deliver sustainably sourced seafood in an upmarket atmosphere. Also a bonus? They stick to local suppliers and support the Ocean Wise and Plastic Wise programs to remove as much environmentally unfriendly waste as possible.

The restaurant itself is stunning: marble tables, brushed gold accents, very colourful washrooms and it feels very private for being in such a busy area of the city.

My sister and I were a little confused by the menu at first (it’s not often that we’re buying fresh fish by the pound), but the waitress was helpful…even if she took us the more expensive route. Keep in mind that this is a pricey place, and deservedly so, but your bank account might take a hit.

To start off the night…


yellowfin tuna tartare

I’ll keep it real, the starter was my fave part of the night.

Yellowfin tuna tartare, with xo sauce, avocado and taro chips. Yum. Perfect size to split but I very easily could have eaten this on my own…because it has all my fave things.

…and then the main


red madai fish

Never have I ever eaten fish plated like this.

The Red Madai is from New Zealand (fancy, I’m telling you) and was served with seasonal vegetables and seaweed beurre blanc sauce…plus another sauce that had a more citrus taste and capers.

It was so tasty. Like fall off the bone, melt in your mouth, wow I can’t believe I’m eating the head kinda tasty. Highly recommend.

…plus the drinks!


heritage dry cider

Everyone knows I love my cider, more than I love any type of wine. Lately I’ve been super into dry ciders, versus the sweeter ones, and this one was perfect. Jessica went with a fancy beer because well, she won’t go near a cider due to her hatred of apples. I know, she’s missing out.

Would we go back?

This is a special occasion place, 100%. So if I had a really special thing to celebrate – sure! The food was yummy and the staff were polite (albeit a little too attentive) and the atmosphere was relaxing. If you’re big into seafood, I highly recommend!

So, where should I dine out to next?!




  1. Rhonda Cail
    August 8, 2018 / 10:25 pm

    Looks delish! Glad you had a great dinner! Next fam celebration?!!

    • bri
      August 15, 2018 / 9:12 pm

      sounds good to me!!

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