Skintreats: The Latest Skincare Collection from Pixi Beauty


If you saw me unbox this on Instagram, you know that my heart was basically exploding of love for Pixi. I’ve been a fan of the line since it touched down in Canada and to finally receive a PR box (and this one especially!) just made my month.

To get a little mushy, if you’re reading this and just starting out on a blog — keep going. Keep writing, tagging the brands you love when you post them and applying to whatever the heck you want. It took at least a year or two for Pixi to see me, and I’m so glad they finally did. You’ve got this, just make it happen!

Okay, back to the reason you’re here: the Skintreats.


Now, since I’m no stranger to Pixi but you might be, here’s what’s up. You’ve probably heard of their Glow Tonic because it’s a cult fave and basically glowing skin in a bottle. They’re available solely at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada and while they’re not considered high-end, their price point is a little high. Think like $25-30. Not too bad of course, just on the higher end of drugstore skincare.

This isn’t the full skincare line at all (there’s so much!!!) but here’s what I was sent!


Starting with the Peel & Polish because it’s my fave Pixi product so far, even before this box. It’s an enzyme peel that resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow. Which I 100% think it does! I keep mine in the shower, so I put it on and do my thing, and rinse it off after a few minutes. So darn nice.


These are so fun! The DetoxifEYE eye patches aren’t on the Shoppers website just yet, but they’re brand new so I’m sure they will be soon!

I’m pretty #blessed when it comes to my under eyes, but they get puffy the morning after I cry before bed. And this happens a lot because guess who loves to watch tearjerker movies? THIS GIRL!  They are soaked in hyaluronic acid and then the caffeine smooths and depuffs, aiding in reducing dark circles.


Now this mask isn’t one that I would have picked up, so receiving it was pretty cool. I don’t think much of my t-zone, and I like to have a glow which could totally be oil that this helps tone down.

That being said, I like it the T-Zone Peel-Off Mask. It’s good for when my skin is feeling a little congested and dull, and a peeling mask will always be satisfying to me.



So I said that the Glow Tonic was my fave right? These sheet masks are infused with it! The GLOW Glycolic Boost sheet masks have the serum concentrations of glycolic acid brightens and herbal extracts which help to improve and maintain skin health AKA keep you glowing and keep blemishes away.


Glow baby glow, that’s all I want.

The Glow Mud Mask is my fave mask (like mask mask, not sheet mask) from Pixi. Goes on so smoothly, and helps purify & balance skin while keeping you glowing. I’m makeup free today after doing one last night! Obsessed.


I’m so sorry that I have to report that all are worth it, because I know if you’re a skincare lover then you’ll want them all. Your bank account might hate me.

But I really think if you haven’t tried Pixi, you’re missing out!


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