Spending Mother-Daughter Time While Wedding Planning

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While you are busy planning your wedding, you may start to feel like you have taken on too much at once. After all, there is a whole lot to organize, and trying to juggle it alongside your full-time job could be extremely stressful. Even if your partner is doing his fair share, you might still need some extra help. Don’t worry, though; there is someone who will no doubt love to help you plan your special day – your mother!

There is a lot that the mother of the bride can do before and during your wedding. She will be the best person to turn to for help too as she will already have experience of planning her own wedding, so can give you lots of tips and advice!

So, ready to put your mom to work? Here are a few things she can help out with.


Organize The Bridesmaids

Your mom will be able to help the bridesmaids get ready on the big day. She can also explain their various tasks and responsibilities to them for you as well. If your mother stays in charge of the bridesmaids in the run-up to the wedding and on the big day, then you won’t have to worry about them at all. Your mom will be there to keep them in line!


Be The Voice Of Reason

If you do find that you get stressed with all the planning, you might get quite short tempered and could end up making some very rash decisions. Thankfully, your mom can be there to be the voice of reason and will be able to calm you down. Your mother will be very aware that things can regularly go wrong during the planning stages. If they do, she will be able to help you think of a great solution and ensure you that everything is going to be alright.

Liaise With The Different Services


You will need to book a lot of people to help out on the big day, including a photographer, wedding band, and catering company. If you are using the services of a wedding planner, such as Simply Elegant, they will normally help to keep everyone organised. If you aren’t using a planner, your mom can take over for you. Even if you are enlisting the services of a wedding planner, your mom can still help with all  of your communication with them at those moments when you are too busy to.

Send Out The Invitations

Your mom will have a good idea of who you need to invite from your side of the family. Her address book will probably be filled with a lot more relatives than yours, so she can help you finalise the guest list and send out invitations. It’s a good idea to ask her to speak to the mother of the groom to find out who is being invited from your groom’s family.

Not only will using your mom be a great help, but it also gives you the chance to spend some mother-daughter time together!

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