to you, on your birthday

dear you;

i don’t even know where to begin, actually, but i suppose happy birthday is a good way to start off. i wish it was possible for balloons & streamers to explode out of your computer, but that’s a tad extreme. or for cake, that isn’t chocolate, to show up at your door…and now you’re craving cake, or cupcakes, but i’m not really sorry for that. i really wish i could have been there to see you freak out over turning 16 5/4ths, but maybe next year.

we have the oddest friendship i have ever heard of, yet it’s just so easy. you always make me laugh with your adventures & never cease to entertain me. i hope this, whatever strange thing we’ve got, never stops.

to say that i want you to have such an awesome day & year would be such an understatement because you deserve even more than that. but i’m not quite sure what word is above awesome, if any, although legendary seems suiting as well.

but i do just want you to have such a good year. like a year that, if the time machine doesn’t work out, you can think of with no regrets and just smiles. i want you to be happy, i really do, and i’m not going to let you forget it.

so another year older, you old man.

nobody wants to grow up, but you really never will; so stop worrying about such things.



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