The 30 Before 30 Update: One Year to Go!

Way back in the day when I launched this blog, I also launched my 30 Before 30 bucket list – an idea from the lovely Joëlle. Thinking back, it’s also kind of wild that I’ve now met her! Because at that time I was sliding into her DMs (I think on Twitter?) to ask if it was okay to do my own list. I was a baby blogger, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Okay well I still mostly have no idea what I’m doing, but I have crossed a few things off my list – and I’m also taking this time to adjust some of the goals as, like it or not, some aren’t possible (thanks, COVID) and well, I’ve changed my mind about at least one (looking at you, Kate Spade bag).

Here’s a look at the OG 30 Before 30 list way back in 2015:

Here’s what I’ve managed to cross off…

Start a blog (and not stop a month in)
It’s hopefully obvious that I’ve managed to stick to this blog, and if it isn’t then maybe we need to gave a chat.

Grow sunflowers 
So I lived in an apartment with no yard up until this year BUT I did manage to grow a baby one in 2016. It was adorable.

Ziplining (or anything equally as scary)
Okay hear me out. While I did not go ziplining (yet) I DID drive an ATV for the first time. And as someone who is not a fan of sea-doos and ski-doos, this is pretty big. Turns out I like driving a lot more than riding, because then I can slow down or go as fast as I want, but being the passenger allows for speedy helmet selfies.

Paint again
This I have done again and again. My latest favourite medium are paint markers, as I find them so much fun. I keep a giant craft bin beside my bed and try to dig into the creative habits at least once a week!

Stay in an apartment for more than a year
Ah, apartments. In Toronto, no less. I stayed in two separate apartments for around 2 years each – and would have stayed in Toronto longer but the universe had other plans. And so did the world’s response to a global virus.

Take up yoga
I’m coming at you with a very recent update since beginning this post. Last week, my sister and I joined my mom at one of her weekly yoga classes. I was more or less dragging my feet – I LOVED after school yoga in high school but have yet to find a class I could stand over 10 years later. And I have tried, a lot. But! I think I have made victory! The teacher was hands-on, with permission, and calming without doing that strange hippy-voice that I cannot handle. I’m going again this week so fingers crossed!

Check out an art gallery (wine optional)
In 2017 I finally went to the AGO, and fell in love. I was getting a membership for 2020 but in hindsight, I’m kind of glad I didn’t.

Get an (adult) job
Another one that I have accomplished more than once but I am currently happy with! Jobs are hard, and what could start out as a dream job can become a nightmare so fast. Luckily I love my current team, role and company – and I hope this feeling doesn’t change for a long time.

See a movie alone
I’ve done this a few times now, but my first was The Revenant. And I was alone in the theatre.

Go to the top of the CN Tower (I live in Toronto, I know)
Gorgeous, slightly terrifying, pretty worth it.

Graduate (!!!)
From Humber College for journalism. Still wish I skipped university and went straight to college but that’s another story.

Bake a pie from scratch
This was in college and it was pumpkin that kind of tasted okay? I ended up being the only one in the apartment that liked pumpkin pie so eating it by myself made it a little less tasty.

Find the best french toast in the city
I’ve done this so many times that my answer keeps changing. Which makes me realize that either my expectations and standards are very low (highly possible) or that french toast is very, very hard to mess up.

Go on a wine tour
Let it be very clear that I will never turn down a wine tour. I love wine. But I did go on one in PEC and it was delicious, relaxing and completely worth it. Next time, I want to do the whole bicycle thing and all.

I haven’t been to all of Europe (I wish) but I did go to England and Ireland with my sister two years ago. It was strange in the way that I didn’t love London half as much as I thought I would, I think I had thought too much about it.  But Ireland…oh my gosh I loved Ireland. If I could go back tomorrow, I would. Especially Galway. 

Get and stay active
I know the whole usage of ‘active’ here is very loose, but I have managed to make this happen. It took me a long time to find what works for me but now I know how important it is for my mental and physical health to keep moving. Also, turns out shopping for gym gear is my fave and I have a slight Nike obsession. 

Explore (at least) five used bookstores in the city
This was extremely easy once I moved downtown, and honestly one of the things I miss the most about living in Toronto. My bank account doesn’t miss them though. 

Celebrate my champagne birthday the proper way
It’s hilarious that looking back on my 27th birthday, even though that’s just 2 years ago, I don’t remember much. I do know it was a black and gold party, and everyone (mostly) made an effort to make that happen. And I think I went home for it too? I will say my 29th was my most favourite birthday so far.

Daisy tattoo
This was an easy one, and it remains one of my favourite tattoos several tattoos either. The daises are growing out of the birthstones of my grandparents too, which give it a little extra special nod.


Here’s what I’ve changed my mind about…

Be able to afford the bag
So the bag that I’m referring to was a Kate Spade beauty that to be fair I still love, but it doesn’t exist anymore. I still, one day, want a fancy brand bag. A real ‘treat myself’ bag, you know? No idea what brand or anything, but one day.

Attend a dance class (at least once!)
Would still go, but COVID has made this one seem impossible. The pop classes always look cool on Instagram though!

And here’s what I’ve got just under a year to do…

  • Get organized on every level
  • Go on a weekend vacay solo
  • Write a full short story
  • Send handwritten letters
  • Buy my own dog
  • Have an entire roll of film turn out
  • Have a spa day
  • Fill an entire notebook
  • Not freak out about leaving my twenties behind

So less than a year to go, and less then 10 left on the list.
Let’s see what happens!


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