The Secret’s Out: Finding My Size With VS

A few months ago I was invited to an event that was daunting to me I almost didn’t attend. And I suppose that sounds selfish, but as a plus-sized woman, I couldn’t imagine feeling welcome at a Victoria’s Secret event.

Yup, Victoria’s Secret.

I have watched the┬áVS Fashion Show for YEARS, ice cream in hand, completely mind-blown over the spectacle. Yes, there certainly is never a larger girl in sight, but I still enjoy watching. I just love lingerie — I think it’s gorgeous, always have. Even if it took me until I was at least 2o to even glance at a lace bra. But shopping at Victoria’s Secret? That was never something I had done before. So, I saw the email…and deleted.

And yet, when they followed up, I changed my mind. See, I was fully prepared to go into this evening more or less ready for a fight. Like they would want to size me, but they don’t even carry my size, it would be awkward…I was ready. Completely aware that I had a negative outlook, but I was ready. I even made plans right after the event because I knew I would be fast!

Well readers, I was wrong. And happily so!

The ladies running the event were SO darn welcoming and kind (not that

expected them not to be!) and the hotel was set up so gorgeous, and so pink. It was seriously like being in the runway, or at least backstage for it.

I was swept away to get my makeup done, a hair touch-up, and then whisked

to a bra fitting. The moment of truth. Drink in hand, I boldly told them that I certainly would not fit. And that’s when they assured me that yes, I would. And they were right.


The bras were easy, a 38DDD/40DD. Not size inclusive, but a heck of a lot better than I though and sadly most stores.

I was sent two bras that I adore. A super comfy, lightly lined demi bra and it is SO GOOD! I’m not saying it’s as comfy as a sports bra and I’m not about to do cardio in it, but it’s like wearing your fave t-shirt. And I love it.


And then the second bra is a gorgeous dream. It’s lightly lined as well, with the most beautiful lace…my fave. Not I’m totally aware that I’m no angel, so I decided to be a mermaid instead.

The PJs and underwear go up to XL so while I was given some, and they fit, it’s not a comfortable fit. Therefore my sister all too happily took the super cute monstera PJs off my hands. Lucky her, right?

So overall, I’m glad I went. Really glad.

Sure, VS has a lot of work to do if they want to be inclusive, but I left the event excited and not at all self-conscious like I thought I would be. They already have some larger sizes which is a step, but imagine if they showed a chubby girl in their ads? Hello, I volunteer. And then if they carried plus-sizes?! Seriously, it would be amazing.

Until then, I’ll be rocking my VS bras like the wannabe angel I am.

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