To Anyone, Really

I’m tired. I’m tired of constantly feeling like I have to prove myself. I’m tired of having to work 10 times harder to achieve something, just because of circumstance. 

I’m tired of systems that are supposed to help people actually setting them up for failure; or to remain stuck. I’m tired of strangers and family alike thinking they know what’s best for me; when they’ll never come close to fitting in my shoes.

I’m tired of people telling me to settle and accept things as they are.

I’m tired of fighting for a better future; because it seems like no one is listening. What if even after all I do/try to do, nothing changes? 

On top of being soul-tired, how am I supposed to find someone to navigate the world with me? Even thinking about today’s relationship culture makes me tired.

I’m tired and afraid that I won’t make an impact, but I’ll keep going; because I’ve got to.




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