to you, as you heal

dear you,

sometimes you can think something over in your head so many times, that by the time the day is done, the situation is completely different. what you’re doing is over thinking to the point that you’re ignoring everything negative, and focusing on the positive. now i know this sounds like it makes sense, like it’s good for you..but not this time. this time, right now, you have to be realistic.

i’m just going to repeat what you hear so often. i’m not expecting you to listen, but i hope that somehow you at least hear me. you need to realize that you deserve better. if someone cares about you, nothing will or should stop them from letting you know. distance can be an issue, but if it’s meant to be? shouldn’t matter. you need to stop looking for what might be there, and see what is there. i’m not saying completely give up, move on, and forget, but just start opening your eyes more! you miss a lot when you look so far into the future, the present can be just as nice, and moves just as fast.

your heart is not broken, you can’t even think it is. tarnished, maybe, but you were never a fan of anything looking brandnew. you, my dear, need to look at the big picture. look at what you want in life, in love. look at what you want for you.

and please, please try to control your own happiness, never let it slip away.

love always,


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