to you, fearless

dear you,

i’m not one to say that i’m fully envious of another, not one to admit that i am seriously jealous of another’s life, but i think i’ve always been envious of you, whether i’d admit to it or not. i don’t mean in the silly sense of your clothes, your hair, those gorgeous teeth or anything, i’m envious of the way you are, inside, your whole..self.

your intelligence, and your willingness to improve it. you are so aware of every issue that arises around the world, and stand behind your opinion and what you believe in.

your seemingly unshaken confidence is something i’ve tried to adapt. you’re so sure of yourself, and what you want to do..even when you change your mind.

you have this contagious determination. a lot of people talk about changing the world.. but that’s all they do, talk. i believe that you will. when you decide that you’re going to do something, you don’t let anyone hold you back, and you always figure it out. i know you’re going to travel the world, i just hope i can keep up with you. because with you, it’s not a matter of if you leave, it’s just when. one of my biggest worries is that when we’re old, perhaps married, you’ll have a million stories of all the dreams you chased, and i’ll just have stories of the dreams i once had.

that’s what i’m most envious of, your ability to go & get exactly what you want. and i know it’s something i can do too, but you’re just so fearless. you have a rare kind of courage, love, don’t you ever let it go.

love always,

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