Wedding Reception Tips: Simple Ways You And Your Guests Can Have Fun

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Your wedding day is many things; It’s a way show the entire world how much you and your partner love each other, the opportunity for you and your partner to legally commit to one another, and, of course, it’s the chance to have a huge party and invite everyone you love. While the wedding part of your day is going to be special, the wedding reception is all about celebration, and as such, should be a whole lot of fun. If you want to ensure that you and your guests are smiling and dancing all throughout the night, then here are some tips to help.


Be Smart With Seating Arrangements

When you’re arranging the seating for your wedding, it’s important that you seat people next to those they know and like. I understand that it’s tempting to play matchmaker and sit guests with strangers in hopes they’ll make friends, but this will likely only achieve awkwardness. It makes much more sense to put friends with each other, as this allows easier conversation, and makes it a lot more likely that guests will participate in games, dancing, and karaoke.

Consider Transporting Your Guests

If you want to get your wedding reception off to a great start, then you should consider transporting your guests between venues. A party bus rental is a great option to consider, as it means that all of your guests can stay together and have the chance to mingle on the way. You may also want to arrange taxis for your guests to get home so that they can have a celebratory drink or two throughout the night.

Make Sure The Music’s Great

Photos provided by Richard Emmanuel Photography

Dancing is a must for most wedding receptions, but this is only going to happen if you’ve got great music on that all of your guests enjoy. To make sure that you do, you could ask guests to write a song of their choice on their RSVP. You can then give this list to your DJ and ask them to play some of them throughout the night. You should also let them know of any songs you definitely don’t want playing.

Entertain The Little Ones

A wedding provides the perfect opportunity for your guests to let their hair down, have a drink, have a dance, and generally have fun. However, if any of your guests have children, then they may find this difficult, as they’ll have to entertain them all night. To make their lives easier, you could set up a room specifically for the kids, which you can fill with movies, toys, games, and a babysitter to take care of things.

Don’t Let Guests Go Hungry

When people start to get hungry, they tend to start leaving, so it’s up to you to make sure that this doesn’t happen. To do this, you should arrange for the caterers to bring out some snacks a few hours after you’ve all eaten. These can include things like pizza, french fries, muffins, and donuts. You should also make sure that there are always drinks available, including water, soft drinks, coffee, and tea.

If you want your wedding reception to be a night to remember, then the advice above should help you out.

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