What It Was Like To Walk A Runway For Nike As A Plus-Sized Model


Photo by @Jacbeale (Nike Toronto)

Before this weekend, I had never worn anything from Nike before. Okay, shoes, but never their clothing. And when they launched their plus-sizes I was stoked — but they can be hard to find in-store so I took it as a small victory for the plus-sized community and moved on. And now I can say I walked a runway dressed by Nike, which is truly surreal.


Me and Sarah!

So how did this happen?

I swear, and I’ve said this before, that joining Sarah Taylor’s gym has been life-changing, and this just adds to it.

Sarah has been chasing the dream of working with Nike for years and she made this happen – not just for herself, but for all of us. 25 (I think) members of her community got to make their way to Nike’s downtown office and be dressed head to toe in Nike gear. Women of all sizes, all ages.

And any brand doing this would be amazing, truly, but the fact that Nike did made it all seem more…real? I think it’s because it’s such a well-known brand, and usually, those giant brands are the hardest to work with as a plus-sized blogger, so for them to dress ALL of us (and then gift us the outfits!) was amazing.

It was a first for a lot of the ladies, stomping down that runway, and having that Nike brand with us made it feel pretty badass.

It wasn’t just about Nike, Sarah truly made the show about us.

About how far we’ve all come, our own journeys, and made us each feel so damn special. We wrote little intros for ourselves but she put her own spin on it as we strutted around.

It was way more emotional than I thought I would be

I was nervous about the first show and exhausted by the third one. But that second show? Got me right in the feels.

Video and photos by @VisualByDream on Instagram. 

Okay, we were all emotional because Sarah gave us the best pep talk. And that had me in tears basically up until my name was called, and then when I walked onstage my boss was screaming for me in the audience, my sister was there, and a whole bunch of my friends were in the front row.

I felt an overwhelming sense of being loved, and pride.

Not just for myself, but for all the women involved in the show. We got on stage and showed everyone that fit can look different than what media shows. That we are capable of being strong, and of being happy with our bodies.

It felt amazing to show off the confidence that we’ve worked so hard to build up, and are still working on.

And to have the crowd cheering us on, being the most supportive, made me feel like I deserved to be on that stage. Like it was okay for me to feel great about loving my body. Some days I still wince at the word fat, sometimes I want to scream it from the rooftops because fat bodies are still amazing bodies.

A lot of days though, I feel like I don’t deserve to love what I look like. I still get that nagging feeling of needing to be smaller to fit into a body that’s acceptable of being proud of, you know?

It’s an ongoing journey, one that Sarah is forever inspiring me on, and this weekend was a huge leap forward.

The Full Show

I have a zillion photos to share, but here’s the video of the full Sunday show!

Turns out, I love being on the runway.

Yeah, I did it with Knix before, but this one was so much more fun! Okay, the Friday I did some weird boxing moves and a squat, and that was weird, but it just felt so damn cool.

It was truly an experience I’ll never forget, and also probably will never stop talking about it. Work for what you want my friends, you never know what dreams are going to go exactly the way you want, or even better.

And, if you’re reading this and want to try out this gym that I love so dearly, please do try a free week!




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