Why We’re Collectively Falling In Love With Wine

How many times have you spent large parts of your weekend drinking prosecco? If the answer is “many times” you’re not alone. As a culture, we love our wine. And we’re falling more in love with it as we learn more about it. 

But what makes wine so attractive? Why is it a fixture now on our weekly itinerary? 


Wine Brings Us Together

Wine has an uncanny ability to bring us together. It allows us to open up, talk to other people about our true feelings, and relax in their company. 

Wine is a powerful tool to bring parties alive. Many people with social anxiety can struggle at parties. But when you give them a drop of wine, they soon open up and you get to see their real side. 


Wine Tastes Better Than The Alternatives

Most alcoholic beverages taste bad (especially when you try them for the first time). But wine is an exception. It has so many subtle notes and flavors that you can get absorbed in it for hours. It’s good enough to drink on its own. 


Wine Turns You Into A Connoisseur

When you first taste wine, it is hard to detect all the notes. But after a while, you train your tastebuds and you can pick up on all sorts of subtle flavors. 

If you’re new to wine, you might want to go on a wine tasting tour. You can use a wineries interactive map to locate venues close to you. 


Wine Goes Well With TV Shows

Wines also go really well with all your favorite TV shows. Nothing is better than sitting down in front of the box with a glass of wine. It can actually make shows more enjoyable because it puts you in a relaxed state. 


Wine Comes Boxed

In the past, the only way to drink wine was out of the bottle. That meant opening it with a cork, decanting it, letting it sit for a while, and then eventually drinking it. What a hassle. 

But today, there are so many other options for drinking wine. You don’t have to rely on bottles at all. Boxed wines make your life so much easier. 


Wine Becomes A Part Of Your Identity

Sometimes, wine can become a part of your identity. People begin to associate you with it and, naturally, always get you wine as a gift for your birthday. 


Wine Helps With Celebrations

Celebrating without wine feels a bit like eating a roast dinner without the gravy. You can do it, but it’s not recommended. You need both. 

Wine is a wonderful way to enjoy the good times in life. They don’t come around all that often, so you want to be ready and celebrating when they do. 


Wines Come In Many Flavors

If you think that there are three types of wine – red, white and rosé – you’re sadly mistaken. Yes, those are the broad categories, but there is so much subtle variation. No two wines are the same so you can spend a lifetime exploring them.


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